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Experience the Notary Application, a comprehensive business automation tool designed to simplify scheduling, amplify marketing efforts, and enhance overall management of your notary business.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re starting or an Experienced Notary. Our App Prepares your Notary Journey for Success

Manage Your Notary Business

Signings & Contacts Manager

 Centralize signer, closing agent, and escrow officer details with our Signings & Contact Manager. Easily identify top business contributors, prioritize signings requiring attention, and streamline expense and invoice entries for enhanced efficiency.

Invoice & Reminders

Automatically Send out invoices from multiple profiles / Address & Remind customers nearing due-date. Reminders are automatically sent to signers of Appointments, completion etc.

Expense, Mileage & Notarial Acts Entries.

Automatically Track all Expenses and mileages Appointment and Business wise, right from your phone. Upload Receipts easily with just a help of a button.

Account & Taxation

Generate Taxation and 8 Types of Reports to Help your CA to file your Tax Returns and to get an understanding of Business

Streamline your notarial operations with our simple notary software

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For Notaries - New & Expereinced
$ 9 /Month
  • Website & Google Maps
  • Scheduling Link & Calender Integration
  • Mobile App (coming soon)
  • Signings & Contacts Manager
  • Expenses & Mileages Manager
  • Account & Taxation Reports
  • Importing Signing ( Coming Soon)


We offer a selection of pre-defined themes, and our dedicated customer success team collaborates closely with you to customize and launch your website according to your unique needs and preferences.

Upon signing up on our platform, you receive a specialized booking link. You can easily share this link with your customers, title companies, and escrow officers, simplifying the appointment booking process.

The Notary App allows you to seamlessly incorporate custom services, such as bookkeeping or wedding officiation, into your offerings. This feature helps your customers discover the diverse range of services you provide.

We ensure efficient communication by sending email and SMS reminders to both customers and signers as their appointment times approach. Our system also accounts for different time zones to keep everyone on track.